Once Owned By The 400 Wealthies Families In The World, And Hidden From The General Public, The Book of Wealth is Now Available To Anyone!

The Book of Wealth Achievements of Civilization Cover

The Book of Wealth by Hubert Bancroft, is the historical wealth building bible that examines wealth creators and wealth building secrets!

The Book of Wealth was initially published in 1895 in a limited number of 400 sets. Bancroft distributed the book to the wealthiest people in the western world such as the Morgan’s, the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Kennedy’s, the Carnegies, the Fricks, the Fords, and the list goes on.

That’s right, up until now, the only people who have ever owned The Book of Wealth, has been the Global Elite. It makes sense that the only way to gain access to this amazing book was to be born into one of these wealthy and privileged families.

In 1898, Hubert Howe Bancroft placed the following advertisement in the New York Times promoting his infamous 10 volume book.

The Book of Wealth

The Book of Wealth Ad NY Newspaper

This book was originally sold at a cost of $2,500 per copy for the cygne noir edition. The second or fin de siecle edition cost $1,000 per copy. By today’s standards, The Book of Wealth would cost 25 times as much as it did back in the day! Adjusted for today’s inflation, this book would cost more than $63,600!

Infact The Book of Wealth can rarely be spotted at auctions, however when that does happen, the price is astronomical, and can even reach up to a million US dollars!

The Book of Wealth on eBay - another auction

Another auction

The Book of Wealth - eBay auction

Perhaps the reason for its scarcity is the value of the knowledge it contains. Not only has it been used by the world’s richest individuals and families, but also by a number of the modern day motivational speakers and wealth creators.

The book created, and is the foundation, of the modern Wealth Attraction genre. Indeed leading motivational speakers such as Dr. Demartini have used The Book of Wealth as part of modern approaches to achievement, from the famous movie/book “The Secret” to other “The Law of Attraction” philosophies.

Here is what he has to say about this powerful book:

Hubert Bancroft who was a prolific American publisher and historian, set out to chronicle and analyze every significant example of financial success in recorded history, aided by an unprecedented research team. The result: “The Book of Wealth” – “[dealing] with all that is worth knowing concerning wealth, from the dawn of history to Joe Leiter’s wheat deal.”

Bancroft describes his monumental 10-volume set of books as “An Inquiry into the Nature and Distribution of the World’s Resources and Riches, and a History of the Origin and Influence of Property, its Possession, Accumulation and disposition in all Ages and among all Nations.”

Every notable example of wealth up to 1898 is sought out, examined and broken down to profound understandings – from pre-civilization, to history’s greats, to those alive in Bancroft’s time.

It analyzes common traits of wealth creation and the factors common to kings, countries, businessmen and companies who achieved a massive acquisition of wealth in their lifetimes and left lasting legacies behind.

At 10 volumes, The Book of Wealth is more substantial than any other Wealth Attraction media ever, with rigor and detail unmatched anywhere. Among gurus, it’s THE defining text on wealth attraction, and a well kept secret that only John DeMartini has referred to on occasion. Still, “The Book’s” ideas and approaches appear regularly (known to be watered down) in all modern Wealth Attraction. It is impossible to explain the influence, magnitude and rigor of this book, even today.

The Book of Wealth is once again available for purchase!

The Book of Wealth Cover

The Book of Wealth, containing all 10 volumes, has been reproduced in .pdf format.

It is e-mailed to you in PDF format upon purchase.

If you are wondering about the quality of the books, you can view a free sample of random pages here: The Book of Wealth Sample

A $63,616 Value…Yours Today, For Just $99

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  1. Simon
    4 years ago

    I saw the 10 volumes of “the book of wealth” when I visit John’s office in Huston 6 years ago… Really impressive piece of art!
    That is really generous and I think it move forward the evolution of mankind, a step available to everyone but that few can really act upon to powerfully surf the wave of life…
    I think it’s legitimate to have it aivalable and only who knows how to use it will profit from it anyway 😉

  2. Chris
    4 years ago

    Would love to see the sample of the and with the updated adobe it would not play. any other options?

  3. Adam Clay
    2 years ago

    This is an amazing book. I am so happy I finally got a hold of it. I have heard a lot about this book. I thought people were exaggerating when discussing this book, but it turns out they weren’t.

  4. Michael Anderson
    2 years ago

    thank you for this sweet book. i’ve been looking for it everywhere, and i too got scammed 🙁 i guess for valuable things and for lessons learned there is a price to be paid.

  5. Patricia
    2 years ago

    Thank you for the book. I would of paid a lot more than $250 just so I am sure it is out of the reach of the regular Joes. I don’t agree that this book should be sold for so low as $250. Some things should be available only to selected and chosen individuals. If everybody had access to everything, the world would become chaotic. Think about it!

    • Cary
      2 years ago

      So I guess you are not a regular Joe and only those who can afford it are deserving and you are selected and chosen. Perhaps your intended message was lost in translation and we should give you the benefit of the doubt. Or, should I consider myself furtunate because I can also afford it? But, do I really want to be such an elitist??

  6. kreg
    2 years ago

    patricia, just because people are not as rich as you, it doesnt mean that they should not have the right to know. all rich people were once poor. you saying all that is just cynical and hypocritical. just started reading the book, but judging so far, i think it will change my life in a positive direction.

  7. joe
    2 years ago

    Right click on it and select “Save link as”